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Last updated November 3rd 2014

Sandy Print Digital Privacy Policy is designed to provide clarity about the information we collect and how we use it to provide a better White label Streaming Experience. By accepting our Privacy Policy and Terms you consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.


  1. Purpose
  2. Minors
  3. More Information
  4. How We Use the Information We Collect
  5. What Information We Collect
  6. How Do We Use Your Information.
  7. Cookies
  8. 3rd Pary Advertising and Sites
  9. What security measures do we take to safeguard your information?
  10. What choices are available to you regarding our use of your information?
  11. Copies of Information; Updating and Correcting Information We Have Collected
  12. Foreign Privacy
  13. Submitting Your Information Using Your Electronic Signature
  14. Amendments and Updates to this Privacy Policy
  15. States' Laws Take Precedence on Limitation of Liability

Sandy Print Digital Privacy Policy

www.sandyprintdigital.com ("Sandy Print Digital") would like to thank you for visiting our website Sandy Print Digital located at http://www.sandyprintdigital.com (the "Website"). Throughout this Privacy Policy, Sandy Print Digital may be referred to as "we", "us", or "our" and you, the user of the Website, may be referred to as "you" or "your".


The purpose of this policy is to explain to you our business practices that we have in place regarding the information you provide to us online at this Website and the various choices that are available to you regarding the ways that we utilize this information. Sandy Print Digital is a White label content provider. This privacy policy is intended to explain to you how we use information you submit to us over the site. In addition to sharing information with Sandy Print Digital, you may share personal information with other users based on your profile settings and affirmative decisions to content owners or interested 3rd parties as required.


This Website is not intended for use by minors under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 parents and guardians should closely monitor the Internet activities of their children and we encourage such adult supervision and active participation which support a positive Internet experience.

More Information

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or would like additional information on our privacy practices, please feel free to contract us directly at support@www.sandyprintdigital.com or write to: Sandy Print Digital, 75 14th Street, Suite 2710 Atlanta, Georgia 30309.

What information do we collect?

  • a. Non-Personally Identifiable Information When you visit this Website, our servers automatically collect certain web site usage information. Website usage information is non-identifying information that describes how our visitors use and navigate this Web Site, and it includes the number and frequency of visitors to each web page and the length of their stays. We also collect the information automatically sent to us by your browser, such as browser type, referrer data that identifies the web page visited prior and subsequent to visiting this Web Site, and IP address. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you access the Internet, which web servers use to identify where to send the information your computer requests. We may use IP addresses for a number of purposes, such as system administration, to report aggregate information to our business partners or to audit the use of this Web Site. We also may determine the technology available through your browser in order to serve you the most appropriate version of a web page. We may disclose non-identifying user information, such as aggregated statistics, to third parties for a variety of purposes, including describing our services, marketing, and providing a better user experience on this Website.
  • b. Personally Identifiable Information We collect personally identifiable information about you. For example, we may collect your name, street address, e-mail address, telephone number and date of birth when you register or make a purchase at this Website. You may also provide us with highly sensitive personal information through your profile or other services on the Website, including, your viewing of movies and tv shows, your ratings and reviews of movies and tv shows, payment history and communications

How Do We Use Your Information?

We use your non-personally identifiable information that you submit for Website design and content improvements and to allow us the opportunity to personalize your experience on the Internet, in particular, your return visits to the Website. We also use this type of information in our analysis of the overall usage of our Website by you and other users. This type of data describes the demographics of users of the Website including each user's usage and characteristics compiled and reported as a group rather than on an individual basis. To the extent allowable by law, we reserve the right to share non-personally identifiable information collected from you with third parties. Your use of the Website shall be considered your approval to our sharing this non-personally identifiable information to third parties.

We do not share your personally identifiable information with third parties, except as provided for in this Privacy Policy and the Sandy Print Digital Terms of Service.

We use personally identifiable information to provide the social networking services over this Website. These uses include, but are not limited to, contacting you about the services on our Website, billing you for certain services, or providing offers for products and services offered by Sandy Print Digital, its affiliates, or trusted third-parties. Sandy Print Digital uses the information it collects on the Website to provide the Website and affiliated services to you and may use such information to enhance the value of the Website. Sandy Print Digital may also use information about you in the aggregate for marketing and promotional purposes, to improve the content of our Website or services, or to notify you about updates to our Website. We may also allow publicly-shared information to be collected and used by search engines, such as Bing and Google. We may collect publically-shared information in any legally permissible manner.

We will also collect your information to provide a better viewing experience by using your information to personalize the services offered to you to reflect your interests, to provide recommendations on movies and tv shows that you may enjoy, to track your viewing habits, to provide localized content, and to efficiently respond to your requests and inquiries.

Sandy Print Digital will use information about you to contact you through email and notices posted on the Website. We send all new users a welcoming email to verify password and user name. Established members may also receive information on products, services, events, and publications. We may use information we collect about you to serve advertisements to you. We may also use your information we collect about you to serve advertisements through email and other channels to you through one or more listed marketing partners.

In the event that it is determined that the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, 15 U.S.C. 6802 (hereinafter the "GLB Act") is applicable to us and the services we provide, this policy shall serve as the initial "Privacy Notice" which we are required to furnish to you in accordance with the provisions of the GLB Act. Your submission of your personal information shall serve as your acknowledgment of receipt of the required notice as well as granting your consent for us to forward your annual notice of the Privacy Policy by posting the same at this Website and/or transmitting the same to you via email communication.

We may partner with third-parties to provide services to Users. We share some information collected over the Website - including personally identifiable information - that such third-parties need to provide these services. Such third-parties may only use any information from Sandy Print Digital to provide these third-party services to you. Such third-parties are governed by their own privacy and security policies. We do not sell, share, exchange, rent, or otherwise provide personally identifiable information about our Users to third-parties for their marketing purposes.

We may share personally identifiable information about you when (i) we reasonably believe that this Website has been used in connection with any illegal act(s) or commission of a crime, (ii) information about you is the subject of a subpoena issued to us or is required to be disclosed as a matter of law or pursuant to some other order issued by a court of law, (iii) information about you is responsive to a due diligence inquiry made by a prospective purchaser as part of a merger or acquisition of our assets or ownership interests, or (iv) the need for your information is based on public or personal safety concerns; to detect or deter actual or potential fraud, abuse, or other misuse of the Website or against Sandy Print Digital or another third-party; or to protect against potential losses, as determined in our sole discretion. If the ownership of all or substantially all of this Website or the company changes, we reserve the right to transfer your personally identifiable information to the new owner(s). In the event of such a transfer, your information remains subject to the promises made in the then-current version of this Privacy Policy.


This Website may also utilize cookies, text files that are placed on your computer's browser which indicate your preferences, which helps us improve the Website and personalize your Internet experience. You may learn more about cookies by visiting www.cookiecentral.com. You may still visit our Website even if you decide that you do not wish to allow cookies; however, certain functionality may be lost if you do not accept cookies. For example, the "remember me" function on the log-in page would not be operable.

Third-Party Advertisement and Sites

The advertisements that appear on and third-party sites linked from this Website are not endorsed by us. We make no guarantee regarding the accuracy of the information contained in these third-party advertisements and sites. Responsibility for such ad and site content remains solely with the third party.

You may choose to share information with third-party advertisers not associated with the Website. Such sharing through their on-site offers is entirely up to you.

Please be aware that each of these independent third party advertisers and sites may have their own Privacy Policy, which describes how each third-party collects and uses your information. We recommend that you carefully review the privacy policies for each third-party site and remember that this Privacy Policy only applies to the information you submit to us at this Website.

What security measures do we take to safeguard your information?

The information that you submit to us at this Website is safeguarded by us utilizing industry standard security measures in an effort to protect such data from unauthorized access or disclosure whether online or off-line. In the unlikely event that the security of your information is compromised, we will notify you as quickly as is reasonably practicable consistent with the needs of federal or local authorities and law enforcement and following determination of the scope of the security breach and appropriate remedial measures have been initiated to mitigate the damages. You agree and hereby affirmatively consent to receive such security breach notification via email to the address you provide to us at registration.

We protect the information that you submit to us online using SSL encryption software. Off-line your information is shared internally only with our employees who have a "need to know" in order to perform their assigned duties. Access to any of your information is prohibited to all others. Any payment information is stored via PCI compliant methods.

What choices are available to you regarding our use of your information?

If you wish to no longer receive future email communications pertaining to this Website Click Here and we will promptly honor your opt-out request.

Although Sandy Print Digital strives to honor your opt-out request promptly, please allow ten (10) business days to process your request. During such processing time, it is possible that you may continue to receive communications from us. A user can decide to quit Sandy Print Digital by simply selecting the 'Profile' tab located on the Home Page and then selecting 'Account Settings' and then selecting 'Cancel Account.

Your personal identifying information is retained by us in our archives for as long as we deem appropriate, which may include indefinitely, showing, in part, compliance with applicable law and having record of the termination. Your information is not shared with affiliates.

Copies of Information; Updating and Correcting Information We Have Collected.

You may obtain copies of information we collect upon by sending a written request to support@sandyprintdigital.com. You may update and make any corrections to your profile if and when necessary by selecting 'Account Settings' from the 'Profile' pull down menu.

Foreign Privacy

By using the Website, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.

Submitting Your Information Using Your Electronic Signature

By submitting your information and agreeing to the terms contained in this Privacy Policy, you agree to conduct business electronically in accordance with the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign), 15 U.S.C.A. 7001-7031 (Supp. 2001). You further understand that transactions and/or signatures in records may not be denied legal effect solely because they are conducted, executed or prepared in electronic form and that if a law requires or permits a record or signature to be in writing, an electronic record or signature satisfies that requirement. You acknowledge and freely consent that submitting your information shall constitute a binding electronic signature under the laws of the United States. You further agree that you will use your electronic signature to accept electronic records pertaining to the Website, its products and/or services which includes in part this Privacy Policy. Additionally, you agree and consent to receive and to be legally bound by other information sent electronically, which may include certain disclosures which we might be required to make in accordance with federal, state or local law or regulation which may be issued to you electronically.

13. Amendments and Updates to this Privacy Policy

By accessing this Website, you are agreeing to each provision of this Privacy Policy, which may be modified by us at any time. Any change to this Privacy Policy shall become effective immediately upon posting on the Website and your continued use of the Website. Bookmark this page and check it periodically for any changes to this Privacy Policy.

States' Laws Take Precedence on Limitation of Liability

Some states have laws which prohibit certain limitations from liability, so the limitations expressed in this Privacy Policy and other Sandy Print Digital documents and policies may not apply to you. For residents of those select states, we recommend that you seek advice from legal counsel regarding the limitations applicable and acceptable in your jurisdiction.

Updated 11.03.14